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Test mode setting


The test mode setting allows you to complete the review under Test mode to familiarize OwlPay service faster.

Test mode setting will only appear on the Vendor information and Review pages and function as follows.

  1. Vendor Information: Approved the vendor information verification by yourself

  2. Review: If your OwlPay role permission does not allow you to review the reconciliation order, the test mode setting allows you to unlock this restriction.

How to approve vendor information

Single vendor

After you add vendors, then:

  1. Click "Test mode setting" on the vendor information page
  2. Click "Verified"
  3. Click "Confirm" to approve vendor information


Multiple vendors (batch approve)

If you need to verify multiple vendors at once, click "Vendor information" on the left sidebar. Then

  1. On the Vendor information page, click "Test mode setting"
  2. Click "All verified"
  3. Click "Confirm" to approve vendor information


If you want to approve the specific vendor, click "Enable checkbox" to select the vendor(s) and follow the above steps.


How to unlock restriction on reviewing reconciliation order

You can't review the reconciliation order if you don't have permission.


If you want to review, then:

  1. Click "Unlock checkbox"
  2. Toggle reconciliation order(s)
  3. Click "Test mode"
  4. Click "Approve and complete" or "Reject"