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Role permissions on OwlPay


There are multiple roles on OwlPay, and each role has different operation permissions by default. If you need to adjust the permission for a particular role, please reach your OwlPay contact.

OwlPay defines the following types of roles:


  • Owner: Each company can have only one owner. OwlPay will assign this permission to the account you specify during OwlPay's company setup process.
  • Administrator: The person who manages the users on OwlPay. Each company can have 1+ Administrator.
  • Support specialist: The person who coordinates with vendors, manages orders, and performs order reconciliations. Each company can have 1+ Support specialist.
  • Developer: The person who integrates company's system with OwlPay's system. Each company can have 1+ Developers.
  • Financial manager: The person who reviews reconciliation orders and approve payout orders.Each company can have 1+ Financial managers.
  • Financial officer: The person who accompanies the financial manager to review reconciliation orders and create payout orders.